Wenches & Warriors
*Deluxe Costume Rentals *
Specializing in bringing Deluxe Costume Rentals & Great Service Directly to "You"!
Wenches and Warriors is a high end, award winning, quality costume rental business. Specializing for over 15 years in bringing deluxe costumes directly to "YOU and YOUR Guests"!
Why take time to go hunting through tons of poor quality costume items,  stores that supply nothing but one size fits  all and online items arriving late. …making dressing up NO fun.

Let Wenches & Warriors  make it super easy for you to find just what you need for upcoming event!
 Saving you & your guests valuable time & money!

Just start by picking the package theme that best fits your event ( List of costume Packages )
 Contact us for a fitting/delivery date, to a location of your choice.

You can also hire us for the event date, with on location dressings getting everyone set with out any efforts needed before event. Great for Weddings, Corporate events or Surprise party's!!

*Contact us today for All your costume Needs*

Use Wenches and Warriors for Your Costume Needs;
*Business Advertising
*Birthday/Surprise Party*
*Holiday Event*

*Church Play*
*Corporate Function*
*Fund Raiser*

*Masquerade Event*
*Murder Mystery Event*

*Theme Wedding*
*Theme Party*
*TV & Film Projects*

(Theme Packages)    (Contact us)

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